˝Possessed by greed, a heartbroken hunter goes against the mythical power of nature.˝


Octopics, Slovenia / 4K / 13’35”

Frame by frame, digitaly handrawn animation


Based on a Slovenian folk tale, that is based in a time when the supernatural intertwined with everyday life. The story takes place in the highest mountains of Slovenia which are guarded by Goldhorn –

a deity, in the shape of a white chamois with golden horns.


Goldhorn is a symbol of nature itself, because it is immortal, to capture and destroy it would only mean to destroy oneself.

Director: Lea Vučko

Assistant director: Damir Grbanović

Producer: Damir Grbanović

Visual design: Lea Vučko

Animation: Lea Vučko

Music: Janez Dovč

Sound design: Julij Zornik, 001 d.o.o.




A kindhearted hunter disregarding his values and beliefs goes hunting for Goldhorn, a gold horned chamois, the god of the Julian Alps. With this gold hunter hopes to win back the heart of his beloved.


The story is based on a Slovenian folktale. It takes place in winter in the Julian Alps. It is a tragic love story about values, greed and our relationship toward nature. A kind hearted hunter has his heart broken by the girl he loves. In his desire to win her back, he disregards his own values and goes hunting for the god of the Alps which appears in the form of a white, golden horned chamois.


VESNA award for best animated film 2022

Festival of Slovenian film, Portorož, 2022


;DSAF Award for best visual design 2022

awarded by the Slovenian animated film association



Main award – pitching competition for projects in development, International festival of animated film Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia




28. 11 – 4. 12. 2022 / ANIMATEKA – 19th International festival of Animated film, Ljubljana, Slovenia

17. 11 – 24. 11. 2022 / FICAR – 27th Festival International de Cinéma d’Auteur de Rabat, Rabat, Morocco

7.11 – 13.11.2022 / CINANIMA – 46th International Animated film festival of Espinho

25.10 – 30.10 / 25. FSF, Festival of Slovenian film, Portorož, Slovenia



2. 12. – 11.12. 2022
ANIMATEKA / Lea Vučko: Making of the Legend Of Goldhorn;

Gallery DLUL, Ljubljana, Slovenia

6.6 – 21.6. 2020 
Lea Vučko: nastajanje Legende o Zlatorogu,
Gallery KAMRA, Bohinjska Bistrica , Slovenia

5. 12. 2019 – 30. 1. 2020

Lea Vučko: nastajanje Legende o Zlatorogu’,

Gallery Mahlerca, Layer house, Kranj, Slovenia



The story of the Legend of Goldhorn is based on a Slovenian folktale, taking place in the highest mountains in Slovenia. I have been fascinated by its story ever since I was a child, as I grew up in Bohinj, a mountain valley in the mids of the Julian Alps. The story speaks of love, greed and our relationship towards each other and nature. Its main message is especially important for our current time. The story takes place in the so-called mythical past, a time when people were connected with the laws of nature. The supernatural creatures were interconnected with everyday life and were worshipped as gods. This is shown with the colour scheme. The colours are vibrant, indicating the ultraviolets and infrareds, that surround us but are invisible to our human eye. The vivid colours are also a stark contrast to the dark storyline. The painting style is inspired by expressionism and is achieved with custom-designed brushes that simulate paint on glass. The animation is completely drawn frame by frame in TVpaint.

Lea Vučko studied in the field of illustration at the Academy of fine arts and design at the University of Ljubljana. It was only after finnishing the post graduate programe that she turned her focus to animation. She animated on projects such as Prince Ki-Ki-do (2016), Weasel(2017), Špela Čadež’s OITNB Netflix commission (2018) and Somewhere Else (2018), a contemporary puppet play. She is the co-creator of two site-specific projects that were selected for Animafests’ Animation goes MSU (Petris 2016, Spring Cleaning 2017) and cofounder of OCTOPICS production studio. 

The Legend of Goldhorn is her debut shortfilm.